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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Calling the shots

We have just acquired a new pup and, whilst I am an experienced dog owner, I am not 'up to speed' on the latest developments in puppy vaccinations.

Some years ago a previous pup did not fair well after his initial course and I am anxious to avoid anything similar. My vet is keen to get going with this [pup is eight weeks old] but I'm hoping someone has more information on combination vs. singular, and/or start dates etc. Should I be asking him to get me a particular brand for instance?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Wendy, by email


  1. Normal protocol these days is: puppy vax x 2 at 2-3 week intervals, full vaccination the following year and then every 3 years. Annual vaccination for leptosporosis and parainfluenza.

    You can find the data sheet for Nobivac vaccinations here, most manufacturers now use the same protocol.

  2. thanks Nettie, was just hoping for some newer developments!

  3. There have not been many advances in dog vaccinations in recent times as the ones we have are effective and have little to no side effects. The manufacturers are unlikely to pour research and development money into vaccines when we already have effective ones! With any vaccination (dog or human) you are stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies, this is quite a big process for the body so you can expect the occasional animal to be a little under the weather for a few days afterwards. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the possible side effects. I agree whole heartedly with Nettie that standard protocol for puppies is first vaccination at age 8-10 weeks and second vaccination two weeks later. The earlier you start them the earlier they can get out and about! In my opinion no particular brand of vaccine has advantages over any other, just make sure that your pups first and second vaccination are of the same brand of vaccine. It is also worth considering the kennel cough vaccine as they don't just pick it up in kennels the disease is everywhere and spreads easily.
    Very good luck with your new puppy!

  4. Dear Wendy, if you look at Catherine O'Driscoll's website, Canine Health Concern, there is masses of info. re: vaccination. There are articles covering everything from not vaccinating at all, and instead using homoeopathic nosodes, to a revised vaccine schedule. Catherine campaigns to make people aware of the risks so if you cannot easily find the info. you need I'm sure you can email her. Also Dr Jean Dodds, a respected American vet of many years standing has come up with a revised vaccine programme, which if you google you should be able to find (I believes she talks about puppies being protected by maternal antibodies until about 10-14 weeks old, so if you vaccinate too soon these render the vaccine partially ineffective).

    Good luck with your search - its certainly what I will do when I next have a puppy, having had two dogs now damaged by vaccines.

    1. Thank you, I will read the website. I also had a message from a breeder telling me about a £99 FOR LIFE vaccine!!! New one on me (and my vet).
      She has had her first vaccine now and the 2nd part is due next week - all OK so far although my heart was in my mouth!