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Friday, 1 June 2012

Bon voyage

We are taking our dog to France for the first time next weekend.  He has been microchipped and had the rabies jab.

We know he has to be treated for tapeworm 24 - 120 hours before he comes back into the UK and have identified a vet in Montebourg who evidently understands this UK requirement (Clinique Veterinaire Le Haut Gele).  I want to email them to book an appointment, but cannot find their e-mail address anywhere.

Does anybody know it?

Linda Mollison, by email

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  1. I suggest phoning them from UK; you can find out the phone number online. We did this for an appt for our dogs prior to our return to UK. We were trying for Orleans, south of Paris. If you do not speak French, write what you want to say in English and use google translate for the french. It may not be perfect but they will understand - however many vets speak English.