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May issue
May issue

Monday, 16 June 2014

Laddie's new diet


My Affenpinscher Laddie keeps gaining weight! I have tried feeding him carrots and fruit but he wouldn’t touch them, nor would he eat boiled cabbage. I feed him Lily’s kitchen, which he loves and I have also cut his portion sizes down. I don’t want to put him on a prescription diet and I’m not prepared to starve him.

He’s regularly vet checked, and although he is almost nine and has a heart murmur he is very healthy. What can I try to keep his weight under control?  

Thank you 
S. Thompson

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fleas a crowd


Please can you recommend a natural treatment to protect my dog (and cats) from fleas and ticks? 

I don't like using spot on drops on them - my dog has a reaction to them and I think it may have caused my old cat to have nerve damage. Do you know of any alternative natural treatments that are effective?

I hope you can help. 

Thank you
Sian, by email 

All stressed out

We have an eight year old rescue entire German Shepherd who has been living with us since January this year. He has settled in well at home, but we are now concerned that he is showing signs of stress.

He moves his ears back when we stroke him, put his lead on or approach him, and he used to pant a lot. He also constantly bites his dew claws and sometimes his front claws. Is this also a sign of stress?  Should we get his dew claws removed? Or is it best to leave him alone and hope it will all settle down?

Any advice or ideas will be very welcome.

Mel Edwardes, via email.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Operation recovery

My female Shih Tzu cross had a luxating patellar operation, and I have been restricting her exercise ever since so that she recovers well. 

What is the best aftercare for a knee operation like this? I haven't seen much of an improvement in her walking yet, so I don't know if her muscles are fully recovered or not. Has anybody had a similar experience?  

Sally, by email