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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Carrying the weight of a thyroid problem

Does any one have a dog with a thyroid problem and on medication prescribed by a vet, who has had success with weight loss for their dog? It’s been a year now and my dog has not lost one pound.

I need to hear that someone out there had the same problem and that the medicine and diet worked!

Thank you, I have a very fat dog.

Pricilla O'Della

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  1. Well done at getting a positive diagnosis, and I hope your vet does well on the medication.

    Jean Dodds is widely recognised as the foremost authority on canine thyroid problems and she is happy to help any one with a problem, you can find her website at she has also written a fantastic book, The Canine Thyroid Epidemic and often is found doing seminars so keep a look out for her next UK trip.

    The book has a lot of case studies in which you will find interesting.

    As you know, what you feed your dog has an impact on their weight and thyroid problems include weight gain. Many human members of my family have under active thyroids and they have to be aware of the carbohydrate intake. If it was my dog I would be feeding a grain free diet. I already feed raw to my dog, if you don't it may be worth trying for a month to see if it helps.

    Also be aware that thyroid problems can have an impact on temperament too so be prepared for grumpy days.

    Olwen Turns SAC.Dip - Behaviuorist Cloverleaf Canine Centre.