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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Allergy assault

Hi Dogs Today,

As the owner of an allergic Welsh Springer Spaniel, the last two years have been an ongoing search for the stuff that works and the stuff that is, at least for my dog, merely a clever marketing ploy. Anyone who has spent hours trying to distract or comfort a constantly itching and wriggling dog I'm sure will agree that you become an amateur encyclopaedia on soothing shampoos, skin supplements and the latest veterinary treatments. At the height of our annual battle with pollen following a hot summer, I find myself looking for anything unconventional or new that might help my poor girl where other treatments have so far failed. 

Bee pollen and stem cell enhancers have emerged as something I haven't yet tried. I don't need people to tell me about skin tests, allergy vaccines and the benefits of Omega 3 (alongside Vitamin E) supplements. I would, however, love to hear from others like me and, of course, the experts on the things they have tried and that actually, truly work. 

VonnyBee Pollen for Pets


Christina Savage, by email


  1. I have my dog on aloe vera gel. I just put 30ml on her breakfast every morning. It calms down the itching.

  2. My lab is allergic to birds! so you can imagine that every walk results in an itch. My vet told me to give her Evening Primrose tablets each day and also an antihistamine . I also have to check that any food, even the premium foods don't have poultry oil in. On days when she is particularly bad I give her a shower using oatmeal shampoo, I also after each walk wash her feet. It is a never ending process, and yes she does have times when she is particularly bad and her belly becomes red as well as between her toes. On those occasions I wash her belly and toes with Hibbi scrub, which always seems to help.

  3. Hello Christina
    Have you tried changing your dogs food to something like burns dry food. I also kept my dogs hair short and kept her away from heating and warm places. I stopped her vaccines as her skin got worse after these and was careful with what she ate all times and kept her bedding and surround area clean with disinfectant she took a steroid a day which the vet supplied and she lived until she was 19 years old. but always had problems with her ears. she was a x between a Collie and a German Shepard. hope some of this helps.

  4. If you are having problem with pollen what about trying giving your dog local honey? I haven't got an itchy dog but have heard that this and Apis Mel hemopathy treatment works for some dogs.

    You could also try getting a lightweight dog coat/trouser suit for her to wear during walks (or make one) to keep the pollen off her skin as much as possible

    Hope she's better now that the weather is changing

    Olwen Turns SAC.Dip Cloverleaf Canine Centre.