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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Flat in or out?

Me and my partner have been thinking about getting a dog for a while and would like to rehome a rescue. I’m worried though that we won’t be able to get a dog from a rescue because we live in a flat.

We don’t have a garden of our own but there are communal garden areas and we do live close to a large park. We enjoy long walks in the countryside, too, so our dog wouldn’t just be walked in a park. We own our flat so don’t have to worry about getting permission from landlords.

If anyone who lives in a flat has successfully rehomed a rescue dog I’d be really keen to hear how easy it is.

Thank you.

Kayleigh Ash, by email

Catherine Gillie, Dogs Trust Assistant Field Director, advises...

At Dogs Trust we do not have blanket policies for rehoming and we would treat each case on an individual basis. Things that we may consider are : The flat its size and location, the surrounding area for exercise, family members, their other commitments, the type of dog considered age size and temperament exercise needs etc.

For example whilst it may be perfectly feasible for someone living in a ground floor flat, with nearby parks and garden to care adequately for a large breed dog throughout its life when they are perhaps working from home or at home with family all day, it would be very problematic for someone in the same circumstances in a second floor flat as a large breed pup would be problematic to house train without quick and easy access to a toilet area and an older dog may find stairs problematic but be too large to help up and down.

Living in a flat would certainly not prevent Dogs Trust from re homing a dog to a loving home, and we are happy to advise on potential problems and the suitability of specific dogs for flat dwellers.

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  1. It all depends on the rescue and what policies they have in place. Some won't re-home dogs if the house will be human-less for more than three or four hours a day, some won't re-home out of a certain radius or perimeter, some work purely on word of mouth and re-home to friends of friends of friends - it's all about finding the right dog in the right rescue :)