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Monday, 5 November 2012

Homeward bound

Hi Dogs Today,

Can you help?

Now the weather is becoming foul, I’m remembering just how long the smell of wet dog stays in the car after a walk and how much more cleaning is required. 
We strap Snoopy in so he travels inside the car. I do take a towel with me to dry off muddy paws and fur after my crossbreed has had a swim, but I’m wondering if there are any products that might limit the wet dog smell so human passengers aren’t subjected to such a stink and the seats don't get quite so muddy? 

Hopeful thanks,

Mrs D’Souza, by email


  1. Hi, I got one last year from a well-known online retailer beginning with A. The name of the product is Pets On The Move. Straps a little flimsy so I just tie them to the headrest now, but the good thing is that the cover is very generous so covers all of seat and down to floorboards of Corsa. It dries out quickly and I just pull and shake out now and then. I'd buy again.

  2. There is a very handy product called a dog bag. It is a zip up towelling bag you can pop (or wrestle) your dog into after a muddy walk, or when he has rolled in something unspeakable.
    It will keep your car interior clean & dry, then you can just pop the bag into the washing machine.
    There are lots of different ones on the net.

  3. My car has its own can of Febreze :-)