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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Every dog to her taste

Hi Dogs Today,

Can you help me please? I have noticed my senior dog’s coat is not quite what it used to be. She doesn't have any allergies that I know about, but can appear to have itchy skin from time to time also.

Unfortunately, being a fussy eater, if I add any supplements such as oil to her meals she turns her nose up at it, quite literally!

Is there any other way of getting some extra nutrients into her?

Thank you.

V. Matthews, by email


  1. Well, there is the good old fashioned idea of breaking an egg on to her meal? Egg yolks have fats and proteins which might help. You might also try to find some ground flax seed to sprinkle on her meals. Rich in omega 3s and 6s and with other health benefits too.

  2. Claire from Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd18 September 2012 at 06:35

    There are a number of diferent products we offer which I think may be useful for your dog. Our Omega 3-Intensive fish oil is ‘very pure’ & even tasty to most cats!!! So worth a go as it’ll help her not only with skin/coat, but also joints, helping contain OM6 (a pro-inflammatory which is NOT helpful in older bodies).
    Our Ruggle it products would also be beneficial to help deter biting critters – fleas, the invisible Millennium Mite, ticks, harvest mites...and even headlice
    Also our bio-Kult probiotics which help maintain a healthy gut which in turn will help with the immune system and is great for elderly bodies as it’s like an internal walking stick on which they can lean, skin, itching, tummy issues/sensitivities...

    Our website is to find out more about our products.
    It might also be worth having a look at our diet page as if doggie is getting foods without rice & is genuinely tasty, she’s more likely to thrive at every level internally/externally & trust food!

    I hope this helps!

  3. Although ideally in this case you would use oral supplements I do understand that some pets simply will not touch their food if anything is added! I don't know if she is a candidate for regular baths but using a moisturising shampoo could really help her coat condition and reduce scratching. I personally like Episoothe shampoo made by Virbac. Also there is an excellent spot-on skin treatment called Allerderm SPOT-ON Skin. It is a lipid complex which is formulated for use in topical skin care for dogs and cats with damaged or compromised skin. It absorbs in through the back of the neck where you apply it and helps repair the skin. I think this may work well for your pet and would certainly be worth a try. It can be purchased from your veterinary surgeon or from an reputable online pharmacy. It is not a prescription product.