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Friday, 11 May 2012

Urgent help needed for Dalmatian needing rehoming

We've just received a phone call from a very desperate reader.

Helen sadly needs to rehome her two-year-old, Dalmatian, Jasmine. Unfortunately Jasmine has been attacked three times by different dogs and although she lives with one other Dalmatian and a small dog, has developed a fear of other dogs. Jasmine used to go crazy even when she picked up a scent of another dog whilst out on a walk and did bite Helen (redirected aggression), but Helen and her daughter have been working with a behaviourist which has helped Jasmine to improve. She now does get along with some dogs. Unfortunately Helen has recently suffered a heart attack and her daughter has recently been diagnosed with a debilitating illness, and they have made the decision that sadly Jasmine is simply just too much for them to care for at the moment.

Helen and her daughter are desperate to find Jasmine a happy forever home. They have spoken with Hope Rescue about taking Jasmine in to be rehomed but they are so short on space they need to prioritise pound and stray dogs who do not have owners. Dogs Trust has told Helen they can't take a dog who does not get on with other dogs, but they are now looking into what they can do. Dalmatian Welfare have said they very rarely have adopters who are willing to take on a dog with a history of behavioural problems and they have just too many dogs at present. We understand that rescues have such an awful situation to deal with - it is they who have to pick up the pieces of unwanted dogs -  and they are doing their best with such a massive workload, but if anyone knows of anyone who can help, please let us know.

Helen is in Chorlton, Manchester. Jasmine has been neutered and is up to date with her vaccinations. She has injured her neck so has to wear a harness. Although she isn’t good with other dogs she is great with people and children and it’s only since the attacks that she has become aggressive and afraid around other dogs, and she has spent time working on this with a behaviourist.

If anyone knows of a rescue or anyone who can take Jasmine in or help her, please do call us on 01276 858880 or email

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  1. If they bought Jasmine from a reputable breeder they'll have signed a contract requiring them to return her, or at least contact the breeder for help and advice, if they needed to part with her at any stage in her life. Have they contacted the breeder?