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May issue
May issue

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ferry unfair?

Can you tell me why do we have to pay for our dogs on the ferry coming from France into England when they just stay in your car on the boat? It seems to have gone up the price per dog, too. When SeaFrance was running, dogs were free, both ways. 
I cannot understand why P&O charge so much for just having a dog sitting in your car, plus the other ferries as well
Also why do some ferries not charge for a dog leaving England only coming back? To bring my four dogs back to England on the ferry when we have been on holiday costs more than me, my husband and the car - usually for us its only around £45, but then you add £60-£70 on top for the dogs. I know people will probably say it's for paper work etc, but if that's right how come you don't have to pay going over to France only coming back.
Is it just away of making money from dog owners? I don't think it is fair. 
Janis McLeod, by Email

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