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Saturday, 14 April 2012

What's the best harness?

My Beardie Oscar has a very sensitive throat, even a very light pressure on the collar seems to make him cough like he has kennel cough - which he did have a few years ago. I'd like to use a body harness - but is this even feasible with such a very, very hairy dog?
What's likely to be the best one to try and what measurements do I need to do to find the right size?
Thank you!
Beverley Cuddy
Editor, Dogs Today


  1. hi

    We use a body harness for both our samoyeds and find they are no problems at all. The best ones we have found to date come from Alex and Matt at Xtra dogs.

    details of which can be found here:-

    Hope this helps.

    Pete W

  2. Hiya, have you looked at this website yet? They sell 2 types of fleece harnesses. I use them on my very short coated lurcher but I can't see why they shouldn't be used on a dog with lots of hair. I can highly recommend them. They tell you how to take the measurements correctly.

  3. The harness is great for a shaggy dog, the headcollar isn't though...


    I have both for my hairy border collie

  4. I use "The Company of Animals" non pull harness on my Cocker Spaniel and found it very effective..

    He has a long wholly coat in the Winter and it has never become tangled, although it's never as long as a Beardies..

    Maybe they have a version for the longer coated breeds?

  5. I cannot recommend snuggle pets fleece harness (and matching leads) enough. They are wide, soft - as fully fleece lined - and have withheld 'robust' testing via my springer who spends his life in gorse and brambles. They are so tough, yet soft (and washable). I have ended up with three - including the fab reflective one for dark evenings. check out

  6. You may also want to consider a headcollar instead of the body harness if you think the hair will be a problem. I swear by my Dogmatic. Very comfortable, will not ride up into their eyes and excellent customer service.

  7. I would only ever walk my dog on a harness (I think dog collars are for dog tags) and use a fleece lined harness from Gog Games, which I have been using for years on my Lurcher, and which is fabulous.

    I can't see how this wouldn't be equally fabulous on your Beardie.


  8. I've used a Rogz harness on a hairy dog with no problems, and seen Hurtta harnesses used on furry dogs, also with no issues; as well as the Dog Games/Xtra Dog fleece harnesses.

  9. It's got to be a Walkezee dog training harness.
    Originally designed back in 2000 for my soft coated wheaten terrier and currently used and modeled on an Airedale. I tried all products but they all made my wheaten uncomfortable due to her long coat therefore I invented my own!
    Visit my website

  10. Judith Stephens, Mrs18 April 2012 at 10:07

    I was about to post the same question when I read your post. I also have the same problem. I have just bought a fleece harness, ordered on Sunday and arrived yesterday from Cosy pets It is wide and very soft and fits beautifully. This was recommended by a friend of mine and I am delighted with it.

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