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May issue

Friday, 24 February 2012

Spring has sprung

Dear Dogs Today

I saw a bee on our dog walk this morning so spring must be here! I have two very energetic Springers, both of whom are, like me, still hanging on to a little bit of Christmas holiday weight.

Can anyone suggest any fun activities that we can all do together and get some fresh air at the same time? At the moment we go for a couple of two-mile-odd walks a day, usually through woodland and fields.

Gem is six years, and Kyla is almost four. It’d be good to get the kids involved too, who are both boys aged nine and 11.


Claire Christopher, by email


  1. Agility, flyball, treibble, and scent work, are all fun, can be done indoors or out, and the first two have national & international competitions too.
    It's best to start learning with the guidance of a registered, experienced trainer, especially for agility and flyball, as if trained/done incorrectly you do risk injury to your dog(s) and/or yourself.

  2. What about trying out Talking Dogs Rally? Rally obedience is great fun, with a wide variety of stations on a course, with different obedience behaviours for each station. Level 1 is all done on the lead so suitable for your children too! It's a great sport, welcoming handlers of all ages and abilities, and dogs both mongrel and pedigree. Uniquely, TD Rally encourages teams to compete against their own previous scores rather than just against each other. With 75 different exercises and three levels of difficulty, it will certainly keep you busy!