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Friday, 24 February 2012

Fun and games


I bought a couple of ‘dog-proof’ toys for my Staffie, Mac, for Christmas but they haven’t lasted long.

We’ve just booked to go camping during the Easter school holidays and will probably go in the summer, too, and I wonder if anyone knows of any decent, long-lasting toys that can be carried around outside by dogs with strong jaws?!


John Gardner, by email


  1. You don't say what you bought John, so advising is a bit difficult! I'm going to assume you've tried the black Kong Extremes, in a size larger than is listed for your Staffie?
    I've heard some really good reviews about the Zogoflex range of toys, made by an American company called WestPaw, though they're readily available to buy in the UK also.

  2. One of the hardest things to find a toy destroyer is a dog ball. My dog loves dog balls but we could never find one that he didn't manage to destroy. We used to have to opt for big solid rubber balls that were too heavy for him and not safe to play with in the house.

    That was until we tried Ultra Ball. I recommend all the dog toys from the Chuckit range but Ultra Ball is definitely the best, in my opinion. It is light weight, hollow, can be squashed and chewed, is great for fetch and throwing and even fits in a ball launcher. It doesn't have large holes, which is often where splits and cracks can start to appear. Instead the design is perforated with loads of tiny pin holes, so the Ultra Ball can be squashed yet has no place for rips to start. No dog toy is indestructible but all I can tell you is that our JRT ball mad toy destroyer has had his Ultra Balls for over a year now and they are still like brand new, and that is unheard of.

    So for dog balls I recommend Ultra Ball, available in 3 sizes

    However, if you wanted a different type of dog toy (you don't mention what kind of toys your dog likes) I also recommend Tuffy dog toys. They are not cheap but they will last. When choosing a Tuffy design (there are lots to choose from) make sure to check its 'Tuff scale' as each design varies.

    I hope that helps. Enjoy!

  3. Just to add to my reply above, D for Dog are now selling Tuffy dog toys