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Monday, 11 April 2011

Issues of consistency

I have a five-month-old Labradoodle who is vaccinated and wormed. I feed him a complete puppy food - one feed in the morning and another in the early evening. When he goes to toilet in the morning his stools are normal. However, when he toilets for the rest of the day they are much lighter in colour and runnier (the consistency of runny ice-cream). I also have an adult collie-GSD cross that I feed a complete meaty food and her stools are normal. Why do his stools change throughout the day and what can I do to get them normal?

Kim Farthing, by email


  1. Hi Kim

    My name is Beate Rothon from Markus Muehle and I think I can help you.
    I work with many Labradoodle breeders (top breeder Mary Summerfield, who I visited this week) with very good results and maybe you have already heard about Markus Muehle.
    The problem is that there are so many puppy foods on the UK market, that it feels wrong to fed anything else than puppy food.
    But would a bitch in the wild do this?
    I suspect that the food you fed your puppy is too rich and builds up over the day, which results in loose stool. Not good during the growing spell.
    Markus Muehle is a cold pressed complete dog food. The recipe originates from the original eating habits of a dog in the wild and due to the unique cold pressed method it stays as natural as possible.
    I am a breeder myself and reared all my puppies on this food from the age of 4 weeks onwards. Result: firm stools from day one, house trained from day one, shiny coat, calm and healthy dogs . Markus Muehle has been on the European market for over 40 years and is sold in 11 countries, including Spain, where a wolf farm feeds their cubs with MM. We are new to the UK market but the feedback speaks of itself.
    If you want to know more please visit our web site ( or contact me directly.
    Beate Rothon Uk Office for Markus Muehle and Luposan

  2. This is almost certainly a dietary problem which can be resolved through correct feeding. Loose, light-coloured stools suggest that you are over-feeding him and the problem might resolve simply by reducing the feeding amount of the present food. Burns Pet Nutrition produces a range of easily digested foods which result in very low stool volumes. Although he is not yet an adult I would give him a combination (half each) of our food for growing dogs along with one of our adult foods. We have a Nutrition Advice Team to help you get it right. After a short time on the combination he could go on to the adult food on its own. This would be suitable for the other dog too as I anm sure you do not want to have different food for each dog.
    John Burns BVMS MRCVS
    Burns Pet Nutrition