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May issue
May issue

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lumps and bumps

Does anyone have any experience or advice they can share about their dog getting lumps on the spine?

My rough-coated Lurcher has a solid hard lump on the tail end of her spine. Tests reveal only 'unidentified cells' within it, and her blood tests are normal. It doesn't cause her any pain despite growing steadily since January. She is happy, runs fast and is around eight to nine years old.

If the lump is removed, will it grow back? Has anyone had a scan done on a lump? I was quoted £2,500 for a scan – can a scan be done for less?

Her food is varied between cooked chicken and high-quality dried or tinned food. One theory of mine is that the growth hormone that chickens are fed has contributed to the lump.

I'm worried sick for her. I don't know whether to risk surgery or risk leaving it. 

- Anon. 

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