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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Neighbourhood watch


My neighbours have complained to the council about my 12-year-old Lurcher dog barking in the morning. It is immediately prior to his walk and also just before he gets fed. I think it is just excitement as I follow a very strict routine as this time of the day and he knows exactly what is going to happen when. I will find it very hard to alter the routine as I have limited time available before I have to leave for work.

I have written to my neighbour to apologise and also contacted the council to explain my situation and I am trying to keep my dog quiet with limited success at the moment.

Please could anybody advise any ideas on how to prevent the barks?

Kind regards,

Sarah, Cheshire

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  1. John Burns, vet, Burns Pet Nutrition
    Barking and excitability may respond to a different diet. This is because it may be because his energy intake exceeds his needs. Think of a fire; the more you stoke it, the bigger the flame. A low fat, low protein diet which is high in complex carbohydrate can be effective. At Burns we can advise on a suitable food. It isn't enough to have a suitable food; it is just aas important to feed the right amount and that means feeding sparingly.