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Friday, 28 February 2014

Feeding BARF without a freezer

I want to feed my dogs a natural diet but am unable to store raw food so it is not an option.

Can you advise on what options there are for those of us who want to give our dogs a good biologically-appropriate diet but without all the rubbish that’s in some foods?

Kind regards,

Mrs E. George, Wiltshire

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  1. Christine Dogs Today5 March 2014 at 06:56

    Hi there! You can buy freeze-dried raw foods, the only two I know of available here are made by K9 Natural and Orijen. An alternative, which I personally prefer for holidays etc, is Ziwipeak, which is raw meat, air dried. Unfortunately, these are all quite expensive. Some commercial feeds are better than others, of course, you could check out