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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

In the spotlight


I’d like to discover if my dog, Peaches, has what it takes to enter the world of modelling.

She is well behaved and calm, and has been on a few sets before because I'm a make-up artist so like to bring her to work with me when I can. She has been photographed while on photoshoots with me, too, so is defiantly not shy of the camera!

Who should I contact?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Michelle Court, by email


  1. Cindy my weim modelled with Charlotte Wilde's animal agents a few yeas back. It was before the docking ban in the UK but the images were needed to suit te European market too, and so they wanted a full tailed dog, which were not so common then. They pretty much take on dogs as needed as far as I could work out, so unless someone asks for a dog of whatever type she is, then you won't get a call... Purina were running a campaign for Purina-one and that's what Cin's pictures were used for. Its a shame that I never saved a bad of it as a keepsake as it is no longer available, but she's on the spanish web site: (she died of cancer in November). I remember them saying that Cindy was one of the most stubborn dogs they'd ever worked with and that her 'naughty side' gave her that extra element of character :) She certainly had that... but they were great with her - not one harsh word. Lots of food and treats, and squeaky balls to get the desired poses. I really, really enjoyed taking her along, although the journey around to various studios in London with her on the tube was a little daunting each time. I hope I get the opportunity again with whoever comes to me next but now of course there are many more tailed dogs and of course everyone thinks that there dog is the most beautiful. A few good clicker tricks might give you an edge - look at how well Harvey / Sykes has done ;)

  2. You can always try! The answer is no if your not going to try! You could talk to someone at your work and ask to see who they think you could contact. Make sure if you decide yes, then you reward her for her good behaviours. Even if she is a model dog, she is still a dog and needs treating as one. How do you train? Vocally, clicker? Still train her like usual. She doesn't need any different training than other non-model dogs. All dogs are dogs, remember that. If you get into modelling her, good luck and have fun!