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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Not so simples!

Hi Dogs Today

Can any of your experts help me?

My dog, Holly, goes mad at the TV whenever meerkats appear, both real and the price comparison ones!

Have a look here:

And here:

Can anyone help me to keep Holly calm?

Thanks very much.

Amy Bright, by phone


  1. One of the easiest things to do to help Holly would be to manage the situation - mute the adverts, change the channel, or fast-forward through them if you can.

    As a training adjunct to that, if Holly had a special bed, blanket, or mat in your front room, which she got really special treats for going to and lying down. You'd then be able to: a) extend the length of time which she relaxes on the mat for; and b) increase the amount of distractions while she is relaxing. It's best to train the two independently first, then when you start to combine them start both on the lowest level and gradually build up. She'll soon find it so rewarding to be on her mat/bed that she wont bother at the TV. But of course, in the mean time she needs to not practise the behaviour, which is where the management & training go hand in hand.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I can help with this, please e mail me @ :o)

  3. Have you given her an alternative behaviour to do that she can be rewarded for? Too often people tell their dogs off but don't inform them of what they can do instead that IS acceptable. Try training her to lie on a mat or by your side and reward her for doing that instead! Give her something interesting to do instead because watching the meerkats is stimulating and fun!

  4. I will be happy to help, please contact me. I am a dog behaviour expert, please view my web site

  5. My Cavalier Lilly barks at anything vaguely animal related, even Shaun the Sheep and the computer mouse off the Direct Line adverts. To make matters worse she is deaf so no amount of verbal training works! Best way is a distraction, with Lilly its a case of gently touching her back to let her know I want her attnetion and giving her loads of cuddles, which she prefers to barking! I the cuddles are rewarding her barking, but I don't want to use a remote vibrating collar on her...Cavie hearts and all that! Good luck

  6. I wish the trainers who are so quick to say ' I can help, contact me' would share their wisdom with the rest of us...

    1. I agree Fran, it's quite worrying that they are quick to offer their services - and be paid for them(!); but they wont even offer simple advice in such a forum. Very worrying indeed, given how many people know very little about modern, humane training methods and are more at home choking dogs and causing more problems than they solve!

  7. Holly is a red welsh collie. we do tell her off and reward her.
    it not just the meerkats adverts or comparison ones. it can be a animal, loud sounds like opening the box's on NO DEAL.

    Lulu our other collie tell her off.

    We would just like to no why she does it and we would be so greatful if can tell us why?

    here are some more clips:

    Holly telling cat off on Coronation Street.

    Holly telling dog wisperer off?

    see we bought new tv she has been alot better.

    Many Thanks AMY.xx