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Friday, 2 December 2011

Which country has the best dog laws?

I have heard that we are no longer the best country in the world for dogs, that elsewhere dogs have a much better life and there are far fewer dog problems. Which system results in the fewest dog problems and are there any good ideas we can borrow here? I heard that in Switzerland for example you are only allowed to keep two dogs not one on its own? Is this true?
Henrietta Russell, London

Regarding Switzerland, each canton/county has its own legal system. So it depends on the canton how many dogs you are allowed to own and how much tax you have to pay on each dog. For example, in Basel where my parents are, you are only allowed to have two dogs in one household. The first one costs 180.- and the second 360.- Swiss Francs on top of the first one. And that is for each tax year.
But in Aargau (another county) you can have as many dogs as you want and each only costs 50.- Swiss francs.
It is also the law that all dogs have to be chipped (this responsibility lies with the owner as well as the vet as they have to register the dog and have to check the chip details) this then gets sent to the national database calles ANIS which the tax people have access to, so they can compare the tax paid compared to the dogs registered.
Regarding a minimum amount, this I have never heard of. Only when owning a ferret you need a county vet inspection and then there is a minimum of two per cage. But dogs, no.
Laws here are very strict, as well on farm dogs. They all get inspected and have to be let off their chain a certain amount of hours and the lead has to be at least 10meters long.
There are a lot more laws so just let me know if you have any more questions:)
Fran Albisser, Basel, Switzerland and Farnborough, Hampshire

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