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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Test driving the Dyson Groom Tool!

A few weeks ago we asked for volunteers to try out the intriguing Dyson Groom Tool. Well I'm excited to say we now have them here for you to see!

Now I'd like to point out that Bruce the Labrador did only have three legs before he started the trial and it wasn't an overzealous suck action that caused it!
Here was the charming email that put Bruce the top of my list as a reviewer:

We have a timeshare triped (or should that be tri-pawed?). That is, we walk him most days, and have him (Bruce) for the day at least two days each week. We do this because Bruce is too strong for his elderly lady owner and otherwise would never get out. (Nor would she come to that).

Bruce is a prolific shedder at this time of year particularly. I'm sure he would not be scared of a mere vacuum! I would be happy to video or photograph Bruce enjoying this pampering, particularly if it might mean he can get this treatment at home as well as when he visits us each week.


Keith. (Wheeler)

Here's Bruce's movie...

Next up is the fantastic Gina Graham, the doggie dancing lady whose doggies have been in our mag lots before and have made it onto the cover, too!

Here's their review:
Review of Dyson Groom Tool
The Dyson groom tool is a brush attachment for grooming your dog, it attaches to Dyson vacuum cleaners enabling the vacuum to suck any hair loosened when grooming your dog.

The attachment itself features a slicker type brush and it fits easily onto the Dyson vacuum. It is operated by holding down a lever on the back of the brush.

I used the tool on my long coated Sheltie, the brush itself is suitable for her coat type, the slicker bristles can sometimes be too short but with this brush they are long enough for her long coat. I used the tool attached to a battery operated hand held Dyson Animal which I felt was a bit bulky for a small dog, therefore I would probably recommend attaching it to a hose for small dogs. The tool itself is great and it is refreshing to find yourself brushing the dog and not getting covered in hair! Sometimes the hair does get stuck around the bristles and doesn’t suck up first time so you just have to press the lever on the brush a couple of times to loosen the hair, the vacuum then sucks the hair through the brush really well.

The tool was also tested on my medium coated shepherd cross, again the brush was attached to the Dyson and using this was a lot easier on a bigger dog. I found the tool worked very well as the hairs didn’t tend to get wrapped round the brush as much as with my long coated dog and they were sucked up through the vacuum easily.

Finally the tool was tested on my other partner’s short coated german shepherd. Again this worked really well on her and despite being short coated we managed to fill the vacuum up quickly!

Overall I think this is a fantastic tool – the brush is a decent brush and works on a variety of coat types and it’s easy to use. It’s a fantastic invention – you can now brush your dog without getting covered in dog hairs! I can’t recommend it enough.

Here's Kathryn Parker's review...

Over the last few weeks I have been immensely pleased with the Dyson Groom Tool – a fantastic new innovation that means my home is now almost hair-free from the dog!

The small attachment is made of a robust plastic and is exceptionally lightweight – perfect for grooming sessions with a long-haired dog. The dog in question is my gorgeous Labradoodle, Rufus. Firstly, I would like to dispel the myth that Labradoodles do not molt much – simply not true!
I think the first concern for people using the Dyson Groom Tool will be that thunderous noise of the vacuum – something many dogs do not like. Rufus, whilst not afraid of the vacuum, does tend to think it is a game to be played with, by barking and running around in circles. The fabulous thing about using the Dyson Groom Tool, attached to the vacuum, is that I have managed to get him used to the noise in pretty much the first session. I found that by turning the vacuum on before brushing him and leaving on for quite some time whilst keeping him sat down and calming him with stroking, solved the problem in the fist ten minutes. He now loves it!

The Groom Tool attaches to the vacuum very easily (animal model upright for me). Before using it to brush Rufus, I turned the vacuum on so that he became very calm with the noise before I commenced. The Groom Tool has quite sharp bristles for the human hand, but the dog found them absolutely fine, and I would go as far as to say, soothing. Very easy to use, I simply pushed down on the attachment to make the bristles appear, and then using a fairly firm pressure, with the vacuum on, began brushing down Rufus’s back. To my amazement, so much hair was lifted out of his coat, and then I simply released the bristle trigger and the vacuum rather spectacularly sucked up all the hair into the container. How fabulous!
Usually after grooming with a regular brush, my living room carpet has mounds all over the place and I still have to get the vacuum out afterwards. This is a concise and hygienic way of grooming the dog, and is less work for me. I found the brush to run through the dog’s hair really easily and am also told it cleans up dead skin cells as well. A bonus to the product!

I would say that this is a fantastic innovation. A small and simple tool that is very easy to use and provides the apparatus needed to keep the home dog-hair free. I love seeing the hair sucked up from the brush to the vacuum – it is remarkable to see how much actually comes up in one sitting.

Pros – Really efficient at grooming with great bristles that the dog finds relaxing.
The sucking action is fantastic and keeps my home completely hair-free.
I do not have to groom the dog and then vacuum – this is an all-in-one product
Very lightweight and simple to use
Very hygienic, bristles retract after use and there is no hair on the brush to pull out

Cons– For some, getting the dog uses to the noise of a vacuum can be difficult Sometimes I like to groom the dog whilst watching television – not going to happen with the vacuum on!
It would be great if there were some kind of longer hose attachment, as the vacuum has to be quite close to the dog in order to reach. Longer hose would make it ideal.
It’s not recommended for the legs and delicate areas, so other brushing is still required.

Here's their video review...

Thank you so much to our wonderful and very professional panel of reviewers! 
Some budding TV presenters in my opinion! And thank you to Dyson for giving us the Grooming attachments to play with!

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