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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Legal advice

I'm after some legal ownership clarification. Can you help?

My ex and I had a dog together. When my ex cheated and left me for someone else I took the dog (my ex put up no fight). I have let my ex see the dog every 4-10 weeks since (my ex left 18 months ago). The dog was transferred into my name alone from the point that my ex left. I would now like to move on and stop all contact - my ex has a new life AND a new dog now. This is partly for me and partly for the dog - I have noticed behaviour changes in my boy after my ex's visits, OCD cleaning, angst and sulking. I know he can't tell me what's up but I know something's not right! Thankfully it only lasts a few hours and he goes back to his normal cute, funny and loving self.

Am I running the risk of losing the dog if I ask my ex to stop seeing him? The last things I want are to lose him altogether (or even part time if a dual custody is ordered), or for him to suffer in any way at all.

Please help if you can. Many thanks.


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  1. You've transferred the dog into your name, so he's your dog and your ex can't apply for him now.
    It does sound as though your ex's visits are upsetting him, perhaps reminding him of happier times? I'd be inclined to tell your ex that his visits really upset the dog, so you want to stop them. You could compromise by offering to send photos and updates though, if your ex wants them.
    The fact that your dog has been living with you also goes in your favour, so try not to worry, everything seems cut and dried regarding ownership. Enjoy him.