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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Popping pills is a pain in the bottom

Dear Dogs Today

My six-year-old Wheaten-Irish cross, Brady, has been a very healthy dog until a few months ago, when he developed perianal fistulas.

The vet first tried shots and then switched to pills. After taking flagyl (one pill), antirobe (two pills), atopica (one pill) and ketoconazole (one pill) for five weeks, the condition seems to be much under control, but apparently it is a different condition to cure completely, and could recur at any time, so he will need to continue medication.

Getting him to take five pills a day isn’t easy. He’s figured out every way I’ve tried to hide them. He’s also gone off his food this week.

Do your experts have any advice to give? I’m interested in conventional and/or holistic methods. I should be so grateful for any help you can give me and perhaps other readers.

Thank you in advance,

Eileen Halliday, New York, USA

1 comment:

  1. I'm not an expert but this is what I do when I need to give my dog a pill. I get some tasty cheddar cheese and wrap it around the pill, moulding it so that none of the pill shows and all the dog sees is a nice lump of cheese. My dog wolfs it down and asks for more.
    She could easily wolf down a dozen pills that way.
    Get the extra mature cheddar - that's best (also nicest for humans too).
    Julia Lewis