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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Looking for shoulder socks and shoes!

Our Golden Retriever has a very bad shoulder (very severe arthritis due to a genetic condition despite his very young age). The vet told us that we should avoid draft and keep his shoulder warm. We were wondering where we could find a sock or some woollen garment that will keep it warm. (via Facebook)


Any idea where we could get wee doggy boots for sister's Cairn who has just had her stookie off? Want to help her in snow.

Via Twitter: @SamDescartes

It is amazing what new facts I learn every day. I must confess that I had to look on the internet to find out what a stookie is, and now know that it is a plaster cast.
Over the years, I have experimented with boots for dogs with cut pads, making boots out of socks and inner tubes. Then boots for dogs began appearing on the market but I have had variable success with them.
That was until about a month ago when a client brought in her dog for me to examine her dog's paw. She had found a doggie boot on the internet which really impressed me. The dog was wearing it comfortably, and it stayed on. We are now using a similar version within the practice with great results, both as a form of protection for a paw and also over the top of a dressing to keep it dry and clean. It is neoprene with a reinforced base, and has two Velcro straps to hold it in place. The most impressive part is the cost which I think is very reasonable (less than £4).
Such a boot will not provide support but does protect the foot. I wonder what the vet treating your sister's Cairn Terrier advised? It will depend on the reason for the plaster cast as to whether some support is still needed, or simply to protect the paw whilst it recovers from being encased in the stookie.
Alison Logan, vet


  1. Sounds like they need a dog snood. I use them on sighthounds to keep their necks free from drafts. If you get a bigger one than you need, or make your own, it should cover the shoulder too.

  2. It sounds like a dog snood might be what you are looking for. If you get one a size too big, or make one yourself it will cover the shoulder.

    I use them with sighthounds to keep drafts away from their necks on very cold days - I use a greyhound size on a whippet and it does go right down to his shoulder.

  3. I had to google stookie to find it's a plaster cast. lol!

    This looks a useful site, also shows how to measure your dog's paw(s)

    Here's how to make your own doggie boots, also useful for preventing snow collecting under a dog's paws

    Hope your Goldie feels more comfortable soon

  4. Use a Buff! You could either get a dog Buff, or use a "normal" human Buff, and double-up. You're most likely to find them (or a cheap rip-off) in walking/outdoors type shops, but if you don't have any locally they're available on the internet (I always check eBay).

    My partner & I have about 20 Buffs between us (and counting) and there are so may many uses for them I'm never without at least two...

  5. Depending on your budget, it might be worth trying a Back on Track coat (they do mesh ones as well to stop him getting too warm)
    Alternatively, you could get get him a comfortable harness (such as the fleece lined ones from Dog Games ( ) and customise it by fitting some warm fabric (such as fleece) attached to the straps either side of the shoulder, so that the shoulder is covered. It may even be worth contacting Dog Games themselves to see if they could make you one to order.