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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Best food for the credit crunch?

I would really appreciate your help with the complete dog food I currently use.
I am the lucky owner of a beautiful rescued German Shepherd Dog, who is seven year this year and rather large at 45kg (but not at all fat).
I have fed him on chicken Eukanuba complete dried food for the last four years, which he does well on, but with the price now escalating to £46.99 for a 15kg bag which lasts six weeks, and his insurance with Pet Plan at £45.60 a month (which I don't want to change), I would like to try a cheaper alternative.
I did try him on James Wellbeloved, but even after introducing it really slowly, he still ended up at the vets with diarrhoea.
I wondered if you could suggest a complete chicken based food which would be comparable to Eukanuba, as any money saved would be greatly appreciated.
Obviously my dog's health is paramount, so if there is no alternative for him, I will keep him on it.
Thanking you in advance for any guidance you can give to me.
Yours faithfully
Harlow, Essex

Is anyone else trying to scale down the bills but retain as much quality as possible? Anyone got any recommendations for the cheapest quality food for those on a budget?


  1. Did you try a chicken based JWB or was it a different flavour? Just trying to figure out if it could be an allergy to certain meats?

    I'm a stickler for healthy-type foods like Burns,and Natures menu as I feel they are closer to the natural balance dogs require.

  2. All good quality foods are going to be around the same price - I like Burns but it's not much cheaper.

    On the other hand, my arithmetic might be wrong but it's only costing £2 or £3 a day to feed and insure your dog. That doesn't sound too bad to me if your dog is doing well on it why change it?

    You could try shopping around online for deals, bulk buying could get you discounts, or signing up for pet food newsletters to get as many money off vouchers as you can could help.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Arden Grange - it's hypoallergenic and good value at about £35 for 15kg

  4. Arden Grange is really good & I think a bit cheaper. My Mum has fed this to her GSD's for many years & they look great & have never been to the vets.
    The company that make it import eukanuba into the UK & so they tried to make it very similar, but personally I think it is a lot better.

  5. Hi Jan, Give Natural Dog Food Co. a try. Their food is certified organic and is very good. (I have a GSD with a dodgy tummy too). 15Kg of Chicken & Rice is £38.15 and they deliver to your door as well. Or you could try a small 2Kg bag to see how he goes on it although you do have to order 4 x 2Kg at a time.Their contact no. is 0800 848 8049.
    Good luck, Jean.

  6. Ive just changed my dog onto frozen blocks of minced meat (chicken, rabbit etc)from berriewood an online company, I add whole meal mixer which is £15 for 15kg and the meat blocks are about 50p each. My dog weighs 30kg so he has 1 block a day witha few handfulls of mixer. His coat has never looked so clean and shiny, and it costs a lot less than his previous dry kibble.