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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Walk on the wild side

I walk in Forestry Commission woodland, and, in order to have a pleasant 'circular walk' through the woods and back to my car I have to run the gauntlet of loose dogs who are left in their very large garden (several acres, so they do not need to be on the lane) with the lane gates open. These dogs are a youngish Border Collie (male - appears neutered, but leaps at car tyres every time I go past and chases my car up the lane), a Staffie bitch (about 10 years old) and a very elderly Lurcher (Collie-Deerhound and goodness knows what else). The three of them have already attacked a Greyhound bitch walking along the lane, bitten her tail and broken it.
Should I ask the Dog Warden to have a word with the owner of these dogs?
Angela Boyd

Most certainly you should speak to the Dog Warden in your area and have a word with the owners asking them to keep the dogs within their own property - if they have such a large garden there is no need for them to be out in the lane also. They could also be reported to the police as having dangerous dogs - a dangerous dog is a dog that puts any body in a state of fear or axiety it does not have to BITE or nip you. These dogs should not be left alone and unattended because as a pack they could do a lot of harm or damage to Man, Dog or Child !!
Margaret Young

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  1. Hi Angela,

    Why not call at the house & ask the occupants if they realise their dogs are out of control.

    You could tell them that under the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act their dogs could be taken away from them & be held in custody until a court hearing takes place, & if they are found guilty of having a "dangerous dog" it can legally be destroyed. Under this act the dogs don't even need to have bitten anyone or any animal, just causing someone to be afraid is enough.

    There is also the risk of the collie being run over, let alone the fact that their dogs have caused actual injury to the Greyhound.

    Couldn't they simply close a gate & secure their garden? They don't seem to appreciate how lucky they are to have such a HUGE garden.

    If they ignore your words, then yes - definitely report them to the Dog Warden.